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Video Games Violence Wrongly Accused

Video Games Violence Wrongly Accused

Video Games Violence has once again been cited as the root cause of several atrocious violent attacks perpetrated against innocent  citizens. Games such as Mortal Kombat, Grand Theft Auto, Halo and Mass Effect, have been singled out as unsuitable for public consumption. Some government functionaries have even gone to the extremes of filing lawsuits against certain developing companies by attempting to illegalize video games violence as a whole. In addition game developers are being closely watched for games that allegedly induce addictive social withdrawal habits.

Video Games Violence Starts HERE Halo

Absence of Arguments 

Even if you disagree with the numerous accusations aimed at the video games industry, it is difficult to ignore the absence of arguments towards the positive effects that video games have. It does seem that in some quarters they are finding it all too easy to single out events that are not fully examined.

Positive Issues for Video Games

So let us first have a look at some positive issues that affect video gamers. To begin with we should look at how video games have aided handicapped people in their social development. Research shows that video games have helped improve aspects of social development in children suffering with autism, a multifaceted neurobiological condition that affects a child in their development of language, social interaction, and behavioural activities. Playing video games may teach them how to improve their responses to visual and verbal cues, greatly enhancing social response activities. But what can be said for non-autistic kids? It is sometimes assumed that youngsters that often play video games may be susceptible to social withdrawal symptoms and thus develop an addiction. In fact studies demonstrate the opposite, that when being introduced, in a group to video games at an early age, that gameplay has shown to be an excellent source for stimulating social interaction.

Developing Vital Thinking Acquirements

Playing computer games when young may aid in developing vital thinking acquirements. That is, youngsters that take notice of a chain of events during a game are more likely to practice this in their future lives. Some older children are by nature introverted and timid but by involving themselves in online group playing activities have successfully connected with others of a similar nature facilitating the sharing of communal interests. Actually, today’s teenagers do not really play by themselves; they are frequently involved with sizeable interactive groups using their favourite digital media online service (Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, Origin or Steam etc.).



The Scientific Point Of View

From a scientific point of view it has been established that video games in fact improve hand and eye coordination, similar to most sporting activities, this has many beneficial attributes required in the implementation of many modern day jobs and professions. First-person shooter (FPS), a video game genre focused on gun based battle seen through a first-person view envisage situations of looking out for enemies under cover, concentrating your view on the target, watching for unsuspected actions from the enemy, situations that can also be interpreted into many day to day actual positive situations where concentration is a key element. It has been demonstrated that action gamers are more mindful of their environment and are capable of focusing concisely on any given task without being affected by on-going distractions around them. In the rehabilitation of stroke survivors, video games have assisted them in regaining functionality in both arms and hands, generating marked improvement in their motor skills.

Statistics Show

Gross sales from video games have more than quadrupled from 1995-2012, whilst the apprehension rate for juvenile murders fell by 72% and the apprehension rate for the total juvenile violent crimes rate declined 49.5% during the same period.

Video Games Violence Conclusion

Finally, video games violence is regarded as a healthy outlet of aggression, or as an overall stress relief therapy, despite the reputation that states otherwise.

From THE  JOURNAL OF ADOLESCENT HEALTH 2001 REVIEW ARTICLE Video Games and Real-Life Aggression: Review of the Literature LILLIAN BENSLEY, Ph.D., AND JULIET VAN EENWYK, Ph.D.

“Aggressive play differs from real aggression by the fact that it does not include an attempt to injure someone. Although opponents of aggressive play argue that such play fosters real-life violence, proponents argue that it is a natural, even inevitable, aspect of boys’ play and provides an opportunity to try to come to terms with war, violence, and death [11].”


Computer games are helpful in reducing stress levels.

Those that criticise and point at video games violence as a stimulation of aggressive and antisocial behaviours, most probably have other concerns that need to be addressed. The gaming industry most certainly is accountable for endless hours of stress relief, escapism from personal matters, and innumerable years of fun and entertainment.

Violence has been with us since the beginning of mankind, violence in video games is a more recent acquisition! The onus could also be placed elsewhere in something that has taken a convenient political back seat – Drug and Medication abuse.

Dr. Harold Gladwell in an article titled “Drug Abuse Side Effects:Hallucinations” states that

“Hallucinogens: Many medications can cause hallucinations as an adverse effect of abuse. These medications are called hallucinogens. Hallucinogenic substances are characterized by the ability to cause changes in a person’s perception of reality.


Many medications can cause hallucinations as an adverse effect of abuse. These medications are called hallucinogens. Hallucinogenic substances are characterized by the ability to cause changes in a person’s perception of reality. Persons that are using hallucinogenic drugs often report:

* seeing images, * hearing sounds, and * feeling sensations that seem real, but do not exist
So if the media decides to thrust an inculpatory image upon playing games and the exposure to video games violence it must also view the other side of the coin, and give credit to the many helpful benefits that abound within this controversial topic.


By David Simmons

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